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Rolex Anyone? Reliant Gives Away Rolex Watch


RolexAs usual, the PRSM2009! Annual Conference was filled with colorful booths and aggressive salespeople vying for the attention of conference attendees. Pushing all the usual trade show swag--pens, water bottles, calendars, etc., there was no shortage of free items for attendees to pocket. One particular company had the show was buzzing though. Reliant Commercial Construction was giving away an authentic Rolex watch worth over $4300.00.

"This is our second year giving away a Rolex," says Reliant owner Brad Cruickshank, "We like to think that our level of service, quality and, of course, timeliness are right there on par with the quality that people expect from a brand name like Rolex. And," Cruickshank continues, "the giveaway draws plenty of traffic to our booth, which is exactly the purpose of our being here."

Unlike some other big prizes at the conference, there are no strings attached to winning the watch. There is no outside company logo on it, there's no lease to sign, you don't have to sit through a lunch with strangers trying to sell you something or anything of the sort. "We place a lot of value on respect and trust," says Cruickshank. "One of Reliant's core traits is that we work around our clients and try to be as invisible as possible so they can concentrate on their business. If we plastered our name all over everything or required them to 'qualify' to win, we wouldn't be in alignment with that goal. Our hope is that we are remembered because we are discreet, professional and do what we say we are going to do."

Reliant intends to continue the popular giveaway in the coming years, so if you didn't have the opportunity to participate this year, you will in the future.

By the closing of the show, approximately 100 people had entered to win the Rolex. The winner: Jerry Lancaster from CostCo.