Field Technicians - 'The Techs in the Blue Shirts'

Blue Shirt Service refers to our uniformed, highly skilled, courteous field technicians. They are all Reliant employees. It makes a difference. Our technicians average nearly five years of employment with Reliant and over 20 years in construction.

Our work is about more than "patching the hole", "replacing the tile", or "replacing the mirror." It's about dealing with people. Our techs understand that these repairs are a distraction for you, and that the retail mission is sales.

Reliant Techs are clean cut, uniformed, and polite so as not to distract from the customer shopping experience. They are a "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am" team. Noisy or dirty work can be performed outside of store hours. Our techs take pride in their stores and in serving their store managers well.

Hired Right

Our technicians are generally carpentry union trained, or are former self-employed remodeling contractors. Qualified applicants are interviewed both by management and technicians. All applicants are subject to a background check, a check of work references, and a personality profile test. Profile matching has resulted in outstanding employee retention. Reliant is a certified drug-free workplace.

Reliant Blue Shirt Service Field Technician

Trained Right

All new hires, regardless of background, are apprenticed to, and ride with senior techs during a 90-day training period. They are tested and trained (as needed) on 35 different construction skills as well as on paperwork and computer systems before being sent out on their own. Reliant does not take quality for granted. Senior techs routinely spot check a new team member's work.

On-going Training

Reliant techs are routinely provided new training, tools, and equipment in order to be more productive. We will gladly implement custom services and procedures to meet your business' needs.

Consistent Performance Evaluation

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are maintained on each tech and are updated weekly. A 360 degree performance review based upon evaluations by co-workers and subordinates is performed annually. Reviews focus on professional goals and accomplishments. Goals are reviewed semi-annually.

Treated Right

As employees of Reliant, techs receive overtime pay, paid holidays and vacation, health insurance, company uniforms, communications, and service vehicles. Reliant recognizes that the work experience is not all about work. Atlanta Braves tickets, a Christmas luncheon and company family social events enrich the work experience. The company contributes to, and sponsors many employee activities and charities. Employees with 10 years of service to the company are rewarded with a "trip of a lifetime". Contact us if you are interested in a career with Reliant.

Reliant Technician Rules

  1. Leave the best parking places for customers. Park at least 10 places away from the customer entrance.
  2. Be well equipped. Do not use customer tools or equipment.
  3. Personal appearance is clean and well groomed.
  4. Wear Reliant uniform and have business cards for ID.
  5. Check in with store manager upon entering the store.
  6. Maintain professional conduct at all times.
  7. Never enter cash room, cash handling facility, or pharmacy alone. Always have a store employee accompany you in these areas.
  8. Do not use foul or offensive language.
  9. The accusation of theft or dishonesty by a Reliant customer may be grounds for dismissal.
  10. Abide by OSHA safety standards.
  11. No consumption of alcohol during working hours.
  12. Reliant is a drug-free workplace.
  13. Always keep on your person, receipts for any store purchases made while working at the store (at lunch, on break, end of day).
  14. Use employee restrooms if available. Keep these restrooms clean.
  15. Remove all excess material and debris upon completion of the work.

Allow materials and debris to be inspected by store manager prior to removal from the store.

Check out with store management prior to leaving store. Summarize work performed. State whether the work is complete or requires a return trip. Obtain signature and store stamp (if applicable).