Business Systems and Technology (BST)

Automated Dispatch

Our internal software system electronically routes work orders to the appropriate tech, 24/7. The flexibility in our proprietary SugarCRM-based system allows customers to submit work orders in a manner that best fits their operations: phone, fax, email, or XML data transfer.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Integration

Service ChannelThe flexibility in our systems allow us to integrate and/or communicate with Retailers' internal CMMS as well as third-party providers such as [and Facility Source].

Management by Exception

We automate the routine items, so that our staff can serve customers with urgent problems and emergencies. Reliant central staff receives an "exception report" for any dispatched work order not acknowledged by our techs within the defined response time.

Paperwork Systems

With a store stamp and signature routinely required, orderly paperwork is necessary to efficiently close out a job. Reliant Techs meet every two weeks to compare paperwork with the computerized log. Work orders and labor billings are checked against timesheets during invoicing to ensure accuracy.

Smart Phones, Laptops, and Other Technology

Utilizing technology to our advantage, Reliant Techs are connected to the web to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Reliant Techs receive their work orders electronically. Techs update work order status, complete timesheets, materials lists and other routine documents throughout the day with their smart phones or laptops.

GPS enabled smart phones allow Technicians to travel efficiently throughout their service areas. While GPS tracking devices in Reliant service vans assist dispatch and provide tracking and accountability.

Reliant uses technology to reduce operating costs and keep rates low. Fleet fuel cards reduce fuel purchase cost. We have deployed several new fuel efficient Ford Transit Connects and outfitted them with light-weight bins and shelving.  Using the GPS tracking data on the service vans, Reliant monitors driver activity both for safety and efficient vehicle operation. Recent programs include speeding and idle time.

Smart phone integrated digital cameras make it easy for our Techs to take photos of problems and of completed work. We send images to customers while we work so that decisions can be made efficiently, repairs authorized and jobs completed as quickly as possible.