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Reliant Hiring: More than Adding a Name to Payroll


As Reliant continues to grow and thrive, we're regularly adding new Techs to better serve our clients throughout the Southeast. But as any of our team members will tell you, our hiring/training process is not what many would call "traditional"—a fact we're quite proud of. Using extensive background checks, multi-tiered vetting processes, a series of interviews, and on-going training, Reliant invests a lot in potential employees, and the result is superior service for our clients.

Before hiring a new Tech, we do a thorough check of all references, complete a criminal background and credit check, and ensure a clean drug test result. These preliminary measures help narrow the potential candidates to only those who meet the Reliant's baseline employment requirements.

We go on to complete a personality profile, followed by a series of interviews involving at least three Reliant team members, including both management and a Senior Tech. We believe taking the time to really get to know the individual results in better compatibility with the rest of the team, should the interviewee be hired, making everyone happier with the end result.

Following hiring, new employees spend several weeks in Atlanta (Reliant home-base), working under the direction of Reliant Senior Techs. Training includes an in-the-field evaluation of their existing skills, as well as specific instruction in repair methods and procedures particular to Reliant's clients.  Also while in Atlanta, the new Techs receive training on Reliant paperwork and procedures, as well as on Reliant's web based work order management system.  This training is designed to introduce and bond Reliant's newest team members with Senior Techs to encourage these newest Techs to utilize Senior techs as mentors.

The final result of this investment of time and resources is that the technicians we hire average over 20 years in construction and nearly five years of employment with Reliant. We are proud of this metric, as it reflects the quality of our new hires and our own ability to retain these superior employees.

For more detailed information on Reliant hiring practices, see Brad's article "Hire Smarter" from the May/June 2009 issue of Professional Retail Store Maintenance magazine, or read the article here on the Reliant website.



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