About Us

Stores Are Your Business's "Home" — Not a Construction Site

Retail store repairs are often about more than just fixing the "hole in the wall." Reliant is the sister company of Cruickshank Remodeling, Atlanta's award winning, high-end residential remodeling firm. Reliant shares a deep understanding of working in existing facilities around staff and customers.

We Must Be Doing Something Right

Cruickshank began performing commercial repairs in 1993, with one carpenter doing a work order per week for a major regional retailer that was expanding into the Atlanta market. In 2007 Reliant techs completed over 4500 work orders throughout six Southeastern states.

We Know Retail

The Reliant team knows that the retail mission comes first. That's why we work flexible hours around your store needs. Reliant Tech Rules

Reliant Blue Shirt Service Technicians with van

It's Not Just Construction

We realize that even simple, straightforward repairs, when done in vast numbers, can get out of control. Each repair we perform is tracked through our system from receipt to invoicing and we tailor our procedures to help you manage and control you maintenance activities. Our techs update the status of their work orders daily and review workload biweekly to make sure jobs don't fall through the cracks. Management tracks work order completion time and individual tech performance to level the workload and assign help where needed.

A longstanding member of the Greater Atlanta community, we are exceptionally good at what we do. Reliant clients enjoy the advantages of "Cruickshank Care":

  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Responsive communication
  • Courtesy from all staff and technicians
  • Commitment to the details
  • Dedication to serve you, the customer